Black list of debtors – who can get to it?

Almost every one of us can fall into debts. They affect both the poorer people who have a hard time making ends meet, as well as those who earn better, which as a result of unfavorable decisions or a combination of unfortunate circumstances have lost money . When we have debts, we can be inscribed on the black list of debtors. When exactly is it possible?

In Poland, there are currently several different databases collecting information about borrowers, borrowers, as well as persons with debts. The most popular of them include IKO, or Credit Information Bureau, as well as various BIGs, or the business information bureau.

These offices operate independently and do not exchange information. In the case of IKO, every borrower and borrower goes to the bases – both debtors and persons regularly paying their liabilities on time. On the other hand, debtors are entered in the remaining offices, i.e. persons who have not repaid their debts within the prescribed period.

Who is exposed to the list of debtors?

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In principle, we can get into the list of debtors in many cases – practically in any debt. Of course, we must remember that we are typed by others on this type of list, so it is up to the institution, company or person concerned whether he or she will put us on the list.

On the debtors’ lists, we can primarily find people who did not pay the loan or loan on time. Then, such information is recorded in IKO, and most often in all other debtors’ offices. You can also hit the bases when invoices or receipts are not paid, for example for electricity, gas, subscription, if you do not pay for services rendered, for example renovation or transport. The offices also include people who do not pay fines issued by the police and other services, for example parking. In addition, people who have not paid up maintenance also go to the office very recently.

Therefore, we see that it is not so difficult to get into debt lists. 

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What requirements must be met in order to be entered on the list of debtors?

In addition to having debt, we also have to meet other requirements. Take for example the National Debt Register, in which we can find both companies and consumers, that is, private individuals. In order for the consumer to get onto the list, he must have a minimum debt of PLN 200, while for the entrepreneur the limit is PLN 60. The due date for payment of the payable service must exceed 60 days.

It is worth noting that institutions or companies should inform the debtor on the list before introducing them.

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Therefore, we receive a letter, in which there is information that if we do not pay the debt to a specific date, then our data will go to the black list of debtors.

Being on a list of this kind can really make life difficult for us – we may have problems with taking loans and credits , making subscription contracts, finding contractors.