In case you did not know, loans with ASNEF exist

Facing unexpected expenses is more common than we think. The situation, as is obvious, can be complicated if to face these extra expenses we want to apply for loans with ASNEF and we do not know how to do it. Being in ASNEF means that our name appears in a record of outstanding debts to which the associated entities have access to know our level of indebtedness and, in this way, determine whether to lend us the money or not. Not all entities accept our request if we appear in the register of defaulters and, therefore, be informed about our possibilities and rights if we appear on that list is very important.

3 entities offering loans with ASNEF

Over the years, more and more people have been searching for economic solutions that could allow them to obtain the loan quickly and with great flexibility in terms of recurring requirements such as not having any outstanding debt. Fortunately, in order to meet this growing demand, private equity entities launched proposals that allowed people registered with ASNEF to access mini-credits such as those shown below.

Nowadays, requesting mini loans with ASNEF is something that can be done even without the need for an endorsement. In a matter of minutes, we can receive our mini credit with ASNEF. The steps to follow are simpler than we think; we have to select the company to which we will request the amount we need, set the return period and we will immediately know the total cost of the amount according to the amount requested and the return period. The request that we are filling will guide us with clarity and at some point, it will ask us to indicate if we are in ASNEF. Once we have completed all the steps, we will only have to wait for the deposit of our money. Ready!

Do we appear on the list? Important to know before asking for loans with ASNEF

Do we appear on the list? mportant to know before asking for loans with ASNEF


Before applying for the loan with ASNEF that suits us, we should, first of all, make sure that our name appears on the ASNEF list because in this way we will know which entities we can go to and which others do not. To verify this, we have a right of access to this information: the procedure is as simple as getting in touch with ASNEF-EQUIFAX by mail or telephone and leaving doubts in a moment.

If at any time in the past they put us in ASNEF for not paying off a debt and, after having paid it, we verified that we keep appearing in the list, it is something that we can solve by making a cancellation request in ASNEF. If we justify that the debt has already been paid and that we do not have more outstanding payments with any entity, they will remove us from the list in a short time. This situation is not very common but it can happen; ASNEF can decide to keep our data in its history for up to 6 years.

If you want to deepen or have more questions, before asking for your mini-credit with ASNEF, our free guide could help you. What rights do you have if you are in ASNEF?